types of personality disorders

The Three Clusters of Personality Disorders

The Three Clusters of Personality Disorders Professionals consider someone to have a personality disorder if their symptoms significantly impair their relationships with themselves and others. Furthermore, these issues must be the result of pathological traits and remain consistent throughout different situations. However, their personality disorder symptoms cannot be due to normal developmental behaviors or the influence of substances. There are 10 different personality disorders,…

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borderline personality disorder treatment

How to Help Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

How to Help Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a difficult disorder for that person who lives with it and those who love that person. This destructive disorder causes relationships to fester with anger and distrust. If someone you love has BPD, you may feel like you’re always tip-toeing around their emotions and worrying about emotional outbursts. Loving someone with…

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anxious person with agoraphobia

Misconceptions About Agoraphobia

Misconceptions About Agoraphobia About 2 in every 100 adults in the United States lives with agoraphobia. This is approximately the same number of people who live with generalized anxiety disorder. Perhaps because of media portrayals of the disorder, the general public seems to have serious misunderstandings about agoraphobia. As with many mental health disorders, the myths surrounding agoraphobia make it more difficult for people…

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woman researching tms therapy

Get Ready for Your First TMS Session

Get Ready for Your First TMS Session If you have depression and have not had success with therapy and medication, your treatment team may recommend Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This technique often helps people heal from depression when they do not respond well to medication. It’s natural, and even healthy, to feel a little bit nervous about your first TMS session. However, learning a…

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woman practicing stress management at work

5 Ways to Manage Work Stress

5 Ways to Manage Work Stress Whether you love or loathe your current position, work can be a significant source of stress. If you allow pressure to build up, you can have symptoms like: Stomach aches Trouble sleeping Changes in appetite Dependence on alcohol or tobacco Angry outbursts Some people believe that the only way to manage work stress is to find another position.…

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family stressing out mom

How to Manage Stress in Family Life

How to Manage Stress in Family Life A 2017 Gallup poll found that 79 percent of American adults say they feel stressed sometimes or frequently throughout each day. Having children under the age of 18 years is one of the main risk factors for significant stress, according to the survey. Of course, many parents do not need a poll to tell them that taking…

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therapist helping patient manage stress.jpg

Should I See a Therapist for Stress? 

Should I See a Therapist for Stress? If you feel stressed most of the time, you’re not alone. A 2019 Gallup poll of adults around the world found that 55 percent of Americans experience stress during “a lot” of each day. This number is 20 percent more than the global average. If you experience stress regularly, it’s important to learn exactly what this feeling…

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hurricane florida anxiety

How to Manage Anxiety During Hurricane Season

How to Manage Anxiety During Hurricane Season Clinically Reviewed & Edited By: Doug Hodges & Tammy Hill LMHC Getting ready for hurricane season involves a number of factors. As any Floridian can tell you, addressing logistical and physical demands often take priority when a big storm is heading in. What many of us forget to do, however, is take care of our emotional health…

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panic attack symptoms in kids

Signs of Panic Attacks in Children

Signs of Panic Attacks in Children When children are sick, it can be terrifying for everyone who loves them. Whether the illness is physical or mental, parents can feel helpless and scared. Sometimes, the first step in helping a child through an illness is getting a diagnosis, so you know what to do next. With mental illness, the process of getting a diagnosis in…

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panic attack myths

Panic Attack Myths and Realities

Panic Attack Myths and Realities Each year, 40 million American adults live with anxiety disorders, including panic attacks. Although anxiety is the most common type of mental disorder in the country, myths about the issue persist throughout society. Misguided beliefs about panic attacks and anxiety not only spread false information about an important topic, but they can also keep people from getting the help…

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