antisocial personality disorder

Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder

Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder Popular media often refers to people with antisocial personality disorder as “sociopaths.” Furthermore, characters with this disorder are often serial killers. While people with this condition often commit crimes, there is more to antisocial personality disorder than meets the eye. Breaking the stigma around mental health is important when it comes to all disorders, including this one. Spreading awareness about…

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types of personality disorders

The Three Clusters of Personality Disorders

The Three Clusters of Personality Disorders Professionals consider someone to have a personality disorder if their symptoms significantly impair their relationships with themselves and others. Furthermore, these issues must be the result of pathological traits and remain consistent throughout different situations. However, their personality disorder symptoms cannot be due to normal developmental behaviors or the influence of substances. There are 10 different personality disorders,…

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borderline personality disorder treatment

How to Help Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

How to Help Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a difficult disorder for that person who lives with it and those who love that person. This destructive disorder causes relationships to fester with anger and distrust. If someone you love has BPD, you may feel like you’re always tip-toeing around their emotions and worrying about emotional outbursts. Loving someone with…

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